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HTML: An Intro To Headers

So you want to start putting together a website. Where do you start? Well, at the top, of course. The first thing anyone ever sees on your website is your header – so you want it to be great. What goes into a good header? A good design, for one thing. A great logo, some […]

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HTML: Head(er), Shoulders, Knees, and Toes…

For the last two months we’ve been talking about PHP. The month before that, we discussed tables, ids, classes, and other rules and concepts that are important for developing a website theme. All of that is important, very much so. You couldn’t develop a website without it. However, what I have not yet explained is […]

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PHP: Wrapping Things Up

If you’ve been reading my posts about coding the last few weeks, then you’re pretty much ready to deal with any of the PHP that you come across in a WordPress theme. Heck, maybe you’re even ready to write your own PHP! I’m so proud… you’re all such good students. But before we move on […]

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PHP: Real Code, And A Game Of Hangman

I’m such a tease. For the last two weeks, I’ve been tempting you with a game of hangman, promising you real PHP code that actually works… none of that silly pseudo-code business. Can you blame me? I’ve got to keep you all coming back somehow… Well. Today, I tease no more, my friends. Not only […]

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PHP: For, While, and other Loopy Things

If you think back to last week’s introductory post about loops in PHP, you’ll remember I gave you some pseudo-code that described a program to run a game of hangman. And then I left you hanging. (Yes, that pun was totally intended.) And then we played a game of hangman in the comments. It was […]

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PHP: Getting Loopy

Have you ever played hangman? I used to, all the time. Especially when I was bored, and didn’t have a book to read or anything else to do. This was before the 24/7 connection of computers and iPhones, of course. If you haven’t, let me explain: hangman is a simple little word game. One person […]

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PHP: On One Condition…

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about functions and variables in your PHP code. But that’s not nearly all that there is to PHP. After all, there’s more to functions than just passing variables around (we have to do something to these variables, else what’s the point?) and functions aren’t the only way […]

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PHP: Variables

Photo courtesy of Phu Son Nguyen Last week we talked about what functions are in PHP, and I promised that this week I would explain more about what goes into a function and why on earth there are so many dollar signs in PHP code. So to put things into context before we jump right […]

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PHP: Getting Functional

Photo courtesy of Phu Son Nguyen Last week I introduced you to the elePHPant, and showed you how to differentiate the PHP in your code from everything else. But that doesn’t actually tell you what’s happening between the PHP tags… which is kind of the entire point of learning about PHP, right? So today we […]

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PHP: We’re going elephant hunting!

Photo courtesy of Phu Son Nguyen There is an elePHPant in the room, and we really need to address it. No, seriously. Now, I don’t care who you are or what you say, but if you want a website that does more than just sit there and forever stay the same, we’re going to have […]

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