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Game Dev: Properties

tldr: they’re called properties You know the most frustrating thing ever as a dev? (Even more frustrating than having to name things?) Not knowing the right search terms. I was trying to figure out how to have one of those little customizable fields in the Unity component editor. You know, the ones where you can […]

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Game Dev: Box Collider problems

tldr: box collider != box collider 2d. *facepalm* So I’m dipping a toe into gamedev. Actually I started about a year ago – learning Unity, doing alllll the tutorials, all that. And then I stopped for a while because life (and, you know, actual paying work) and now I’m back. And of course I’ve forgotten […]

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Microformats – What are they, and why are they important to my website?

In a perfect world, search engines would have human-like intelligence. You could ask them a question, and they would actually provide results with the perfect answer. They could look at a website, and understand exactly how the images related to the words, or what every element on every webpage is. Unfortunately, we don’t live in […]

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WordCamp LA 2010

On September 11, 2010, WordCamp LA happened at Loyola Marymount University, in Westchester, Los Angeles, CA. WordCamp is a conference that has presentations about all things WordPress. Oh… and guess what? I was one of the presenters! Photo Credit: Austin Passy My presentation was about Web Development for Beginners: Decoding the Code Behind Your WordPress […]

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HTML/PHP: Sidebars, and What Have YOU Done Lately?

The sidebar is all sorts of useful. There’s no limit on the number of different sorts of things that could go in a sidebar. Your RSS button? Definitely. Ads? For sure! A video? Heck, why not? You can even have multiple sidebars… one on each side of your content, or two right next to each […]

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HTML: Footer

Photo courtesy of Allison Day For the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the header of your website. So what’s next? Well, there’s the content section of you website, which changes on every page, and the sidebar, which can get complicated as well. So I thought this week, we’d take a little break and […]

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HTML/CSS: Hovering In Your Navigation

Now that you’ve got your navigation lining up all prettily, what’s next? Well, you could stop there, if you wanted. But there’s so much more you could do using the wonders of CSS, to make your navigation (and soon your entire blog!) even more beautiful. Prettify Your World! Or At Least Your Navigation… There are […]

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HTML/CSS: Navigation: All Your Cookies In A Row

Photo courtesy of Phu Son Nguyen Last week, we discussed the super-cool wp_list_pages($args) function, and how it can make creating your navigation on your website super easy. If you want your navigation in your sidebar, for example, or anywhere else as a vertical list, then this already works perfectly. But what if you want it […]

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HTML: Navigation

Last week in my coding series, we discussed headers. More specifically, we discussed how to put a gorgeous logo onto your header, using the background attribute in CSS. It’s a wonderful start, but there’s far more to headers than that, you know. For example, navigation. Although some people put their navigation in the sidebar, the […]

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